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About rentals

Having rented property in Bulgaria for 5 year now, we are confident we are offering quality rentals solutions.

We preffer to manage a buoding fully and organise it as a full hotel operation.

We are interested in ofering rental and marketing services for individual properties providing the are more in the same building.


Rental options:

Option 1.

Individual property

Marketing fee 99 euro + 15% from rental income or no fee and 30% from rental income;

We take care of everything, from snaging and repairs, small upgrades, meet and great, cleanind and taxes.


Option 2.

Rental/hotel operation; Pool rental contract.

Suitable for minimum 10 units.

All apartments are rented by rotation; Each income is shared proportionally between the owners of the same type of property.

We tace care of everything. 

We receive minimum 15% from total rental income.

All income is transparent and checkable in the system at anytime.

The building or all apartments have to be registered for rent with the city hall or Ministry of Tourism ( we do that)

We work on good reviews and increasing bookings with each coming season and using a mix of marketing tools and channels to receive bookings.


Please contact us if interested to discuss renting your property with us.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

+359 899 178 644


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